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3. What article metrics do BioMed Central journals provide?

The following metrics are currently available:

Access counts

The number of times an article has been accessed (last 30 days, last year, all time). This does not currently include accesses from indexing sites, such as PubMed Central.

Highly accessed indicator

The 'highly accessed' indicator identifies articles which are highly accessed, relative to their age and the journal in which they were published. More information.

Citation counts

The Malaria Journal citation count is shown on the 'Article metrics' page. Links are provided to obtain citation lists and counts from PubMed Central, Scopus, Google Scholar and Web of Science.

F1000 evaluation

If an article has been evaluated by the F1000 Prime Faculty, a link to the evaluation is provided.

Social media shares   

We provide a number of ways to easily share articles, from the article page. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons can be used to share articles from the article page. Counts are displayed for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (however the reliability of these numbers can vary). tracks the discussion and dissemination of articles following their publication. It aggregates the mentions on twitter and social media sites, and coverage in online reference managers, mainstream news sources and blogs to present an overview of the interest a published article is receiving online. More information.

Malaria Journal displays the score and 'donut' on the 'article metrics' pages of published articles. More information.

Malaria Journal is working on several fronts to expand the range of article metrics available.

Authors can also view the latest access statistics for all the articles they have published with BioMed Central by logging into the My Manuscripts page.

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